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Growing up in a fostering household

The experience of being in a fostering household has been great, I didn’t get the experience of having a younger child in the house so now that I am older I can play the role of an older sister and nurture any children who come into our home like my older sisters did with me. Growing up in a fostering household has given me the benefit of understanding children from different backgrounds, I am currently studying to be an early year’s teacher so this has given me an understanding of younger children. I will sometimes look after the children for my mum and help with some of the fostering tasks.

Fostering is something my mum enjoys and has done since she was approved, we all enjoy it as a household because we love children, I am happy she enjoys the role and it has also given me a different perspective on how things are for other children.

Some of the highs have been building relationships with the children, the instances where they have been adopted and them wanting to stay in contact with us due them having enjoyed their experience with our family. It is upsetting when they have to leave after you build a bond over a number of months or years in some cases but knowing they are going to a permanent family that will give them love and support makes it a bit easier.

I would personally consider fostering in the future, I have learnt a lot about it and have enjoyed the experience, it’s nice to see the child happy and safe. I am currently in my last year of study to be an early years teacher and will need to do a year of training for the role before I can start, I do not need to work locally I am happy to go to any area where there are opportunities for me to do the role.



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